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Private drinking water testing laboratory fully certified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). Includes lead and other harmful substances.

Lead analysis drinking water testing lab, Precision Analytical Services, 732-914-1515, fully certified by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) for School Drinking Water Parameters.


PAS is one of the original contractors testing schools in Newark since March 2016 for the Newark Public School System. We worked alongside the NJDEP with the development and implementation of the Sampling Plan and Quality Assurance Project Plan for Newark schools. This became the template for school implementation statewide. Current regulation is governed by NJ Department of Education (NJDOE).

In order to comply with these new regulations: 6A:26-12.4 Safe drinking water, the following linked documents are required to be created for your school(s):

These documents were developed to include the specific information required by the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) for the planning, sample collection, and analysis of the water samples, as well as the reporting of results.

  1. The School District Lead Sampling Plan serves as both instructions and a template for each school/school district. It provides detailed information for each stage of the school lead sampling process. Proper planning prior to actual collection of water samples is imperative in order to ensure the utility of the lead sampling results to the school district.
  2. A QAPP is a descriptive outline that explains how an entity will implement the sampling event and analysis such that it meets the intended objectives or requirements. One of the requirements of the regulation is to sample all of the locations where students and staff drink or where food is prepared. Locations that exceed the USEPA action limit are required to be identified so that appropriate measures are taken.

Precision Analytical Services, Inc. (PAS) has been certified by the NJDEP for the last 21 years for Lead testing of public drinking water and well water.

Since PAS has a wealth of analytical instrumentation, we have placed into service 5 graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometers dedicated for this work and can analyze up to 300 samples per day with high sensitivity and accuracy to provide rapid turn-around-time for results.

PAS assists and provides Lead testing of drinking water for numerous public and private schools on an ongoing basis. Please contact us at 732-914-1515 for assistance with complying with these new regulations.

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