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New testing requirements became effective September 14, 2002 and updated in September 2018, March 2019, and December 2021 for all new homes, rentals and resales that are supplied by well water in the State of New Jersey.

The Private Well Testing Act enacted in March 2001 became effective on September 14, 2002 and is mandatory for all covered real estate transactions. The closing of title my not take place until the testing has been done and both the buyer and seller have received a copy of the test results. These requirements are in addition to those of the Local Health Departments.

In addition to Local Health Department requirements for rentals, resales, and new wells, all wells MUST be tested for Total Coliform Bacteria (with E-coli Bacteria, if Total Coliform Bacteria is present), pH, Nitrate, Iron, Manganese, Lead, Arsenic, Volatile Organic Compounds (33 solvents), Low Level Volatile Organic Compounds for 1,2,3-TCP, EDB, and DBCP, and 48-hour Gross Alpha Radiation test. Uranium testing is required in 12 northern counties and Mercury testing is required in the remaining central and southern counties. PFA's (PFNA, PFOS, and PFOA) are required to be included for any PWTA closing on or after December 1, 2021.

Link to for required parameters for Private Well Testing Act (PWTA)

In addition to the new testing requirements, GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) coordinates must be taken with a surveying quality GPS unit at the well head or front door of the house and all results must be electronically delivered to the NJDEP (NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection). ONLY a laboratory representative from a NJDEP Certified lab may sample the well water.

These regulations pertain to only "Raw" or "Untreated" well water. The Local or County Health Departments require "Treated" or "Conditioned" water analysis if a water conditioner is present or needed to correct any test parameters that fail the raw water tests. (Failure meaning any test result that exceeds the maximum contaminant level or MCL).

Precision Analytical Services, Inc. (PAS) serves New Jersey for over 25 years and is the only full-service lab of its kind in New Jersey SPECIALIZING EXCLUSIVELY in DRINKING WATER ANALYSIS. We keep in close contact with the NJ DEP regarding any new testing requirements (and updates) and make a smooth transition to comply with any new regulations. PAS continues to provide the best laboratory services available by providing rapid turn-around-time for results, prompt sampling, and low prices.

PAS provides expert water testing services and personal attention for your real estate transaction, working directly with homeowners and home inspectors:

  • Sampling 7 days a week by appointment - days and evenings.
  • Results in 1 to 5 working days.
  • Reports e-mailed, faxed, delivered, and/or mailed to the Local Health Departments
  • Results electronically transmitted to the NJDEP
  • Water Analysis Certification e-mailed, faxed, delivered and/or mailed to your office or home.
  • Expert Technical Service and Personal Attention.

Link to Official State of New Jersey Private Well Testing Act (PWTA)